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Our Backyard!

We have lots of fun learning and exploring. With lots to do such as soccer, basketball court  with different sized nets to suit all ages. Included in the play area are forts, swings, monkey bars, trampolines, horses to ride on, a village with a 'restaurant' and play houses with a kitchen, so everyone can use their imagination to the fullest!  Mature trees add shade when jumping on the netted trampoline. With the backyard as big as ours, games such as croquet, lawn bowling, and Frisbee are so much fun with lots of running space .


Our backyard has gardens which attract butterflies and birds which we feed and observe. Offering privacy with an 11ft. fence, that is City coded, around a heated pool which we enjoy on the hot Summer days.

Our Play Area!

Friends, toys, books, puzzles and so much more to do while inside my house.  The kitchen is where most of the magic happens.  The table is set up with books, light tables, crayons, pencils, markers and lots of crafty items so that each child can use his/her imagination to the fullest.  I guide them through the making process of several crafts a week so they have something to bring home to proudly show their parents.​ ​​​​Downstairs we have a huge blackboard to use when the weather is too .cold to be drawing our masterpieces on the driveway.  The basement consists of stuffed toys, couches to sit on to read a favorite book, along with several rocking horses.

Craft Time!

Each year challenges me to create new and unique crafts to make with the children. Making something new from something old, to purchasing items to make specific crafts , to finding objects such as rocks, leaves, pine cones to create something fun and exciting!


Entrusting the care of children to me is a  privilege... to touch the lives of the future generation!  Opening my heart, my home and allowing me to take care of your special person. Forming a bond to last.


Every day that a child comes and goes is an opportunity to encourage them to be the best that they can be, finding their place in the world .  Former daycare find themselves drawn back to say "Hi" and to tell what they have accomplished. .

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