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“A daycare becomes a great place
to learn and play! ”


This is our 'little' playground! 


Our backyard is surrounded by a wired fence that encompasses the perimeter of the yard. The play area is full of sand (along with a sand box ) with lots of pails, sand molds, trucks, and see saws. The back yard is full of places to explore... trampolines, cars, tricycles, hammocks,  hopscotch area... to name a few. Safety and privacy  is provided with an 11ft fence (city coded) that showcases a  heated pool.  


Welcoming walkway leading  to the back yard...which we call our yellow brick road. The water fountains, bird feeders, bird baths, and gardens help attract nature to watch and enjoy.

I take pride in every aspect of child care and take pride in decorating for the different seasons which excites the children (and parents) and puts a smile on everyone's faces. Showing the children how to  take care of the beauty of nature. Teaching them the names of the birds, butterflies and flowers as each season passes is such a good learning experience. I believe we all find joy in these small activities that seem to show themselves as the days go by.   


Backyard Games!

We have lots of fun learning and exploring.  With lots to do such as soccer, basketball , tennis, tag,hide and go seek and treasure hunts. Included in the play area are forts and play houses, 'restaurant" for ordering, slides, tree house... so everyone can use their imagination to the fullest!  Mature trees add shade when jumping on the netted trampoline.  With the backyard as big as ours, games such as croquet, lawn bowling, and Frisbee are so much fun with lots of space to run around!

Activities and Events!

Activities and events are something that keep children entertained and excited about each new day..  Parents have a weekly schedule of some of the upcoming events ( on my 'Weekly Schedule" page), so they know what their child is going to be doing. Some of the fun activities on that schedule consist of...making pet rocks, board games, going on hikes, themed days (orange day, pirate day), making a journey to the library, teddy bear picnics, water days, instruments, pinatas and baking to list a few! 


If you need anymore information about how my daycare is the pefect place for your child, feel free to give me a call! 

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