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 "Baking" June 3rd " Banana Bread"

We're baking today and having fun!

Mixing, stirring, scooping, baking 'til they're done.

Making loaves that are everyone's favorite. 

Sure enjoy baking Banana Bread with you!

"Books!" June 4th "Why I Love My Daddy "

Let's get ready for some book reading today!

Choosing the right book, which will you read?

Daddy's special day is coming up so soon!

Sure enjoy reading books with you all!

"Perler Beads !" June 5th "Filling out Shapes"

Let's enjoy making perler bead shapes today!

We will put magnets on them or make a necklace.

Making them with special shapes, star, circle.

Sure enjoy being creative with you!

         " Park fun!" June 6th "Sidewalk Chalk"

It's time to play at the park today and for a walk!

We will bring frisbees, bubbles and colored chalk.

The weather is great so let us enjoy!

Sure enjoy being outdoors with you!

"Games!" June 7th "BINGO for prizes"

Let's play some games today and win a prize..

Listen carefully, make sure you are being wize!

Games are not about winning or losing, just fun!

Enjoy learning & playing BINGO with you!

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