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 "Baking" May 13th " Chocolate Chip Cookies"

We're  baking today and having fun!

Mixing, stirring, shaping, baking 'til they're done.

Making ones that are everyone's favorite. 

Sure enjoy baking cookies with chocolate!

"Books!" May 14th "The Flower Ball "

Let's get ready for some book reading today!

Choosing the right book, which will you read?

Farms, trains, roads or books about a Ball.

Sure enjoy reading books with you all!

"Perler Beads !" May 15th "Filling out Shapes"

Let's enjoy making perler bead shapes today!

We will put magnets on them or make a necklace.

Making them with special shapes, star, circle.

Sure enjoy being creative with you!

         " Park fun!" May 16th "Spring walk"

It's time to play at the park today and for a walk!

We will bring frisbees, bubbles and colored chalk.

The weather is great so let us enjoy!

Sure enjoy being outdoors with you!

"Games!" May 17th "Scrabble for Juniors"

Let's play some games today and use our words.

Listen carefully, make sure of what you heard!

Games are not about winning or losing, just fun!

Enjoy learning & playing new games with you!

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