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Thinking of new and unique crafts to make with children is what I love to do. Being a Graphic Artist by trade helps in making fun crafts to create lasting memories with your child.  From purchasing supplies, to finding objects and making something unique... it's all about having fun! 


Every child is unique and has their own vision of what and how they want their art piece to look like... so there are many budding Picassos! 


Getting pictures developed and creating memories with wonderful treasures is one way to keep parents involved in what happens during daycare hours.  Children at my daycare are so receptive to making special surprises for their parents and I offer a unique experience for every child. 


Baking is another way to see children develop their confidence. Putting ingredients together and having a final yummy result brings a smile to many faces.


If you need any more information about how my daycare is the perfect place for your child. Feel free to give me a call! 


*All photos have been taken with permission from parents. 

“Crafts are a great way to test our creativity!”
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